Private Lessons in Salzburg, Austria                                                                            available in English, German, Spanish or Dutch

to make an appointment for a private lesson or for any other inquiery, feel free to call!

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"beginners basics" 60 min (private lesson)


"It's the small things, that make a big difference."


I will work with you through the basic yoga poses to equip you with everything you need to know for a safe practice that keeps your body healthy and allows your mind to calm. 


€ 22

"fierce female" 60 min                (private lesson)

"Everything I need, is already within me."


A session to celebrate your femininity!
We focus on poses to strengthen your female parts and especially your pelvic floor, feel the power of womanhood and be aware of the energy that lies within.


€ 22

"golden agers" 60 min                (private lesson)

"Don't let age dictate what you can and cannot do."


It is never to late to learn something new!
Whether you are still active as ever or a bit more calmed down - if you can stand on your own two feet or at least sit in a chair, you can do yoga, seriously.  We will begin by working with what is possible for you - and you will be astonished, how much you actually can do.  Yoga is not about crazy poses, but about keeping our body as healthy as possible, starting with where you are right now. 


€ 22

"Pranayama please" 60 mins (private lesson)

"Inhale the good shit, exhale the bullshit."


Learn about the overall influence the breath has on the central nervous system and by that,directly on your wellbeing and your body-mind-connection. Become familiar with different breathing techniques to use in daily life  - to calm down, to fire up or to relax and let go.


€ 22

"meditation master" 60 mins (private lesson)

"What you think, you become."


Get an exclusive introduction about the different kinds of meditation and find out, which is for you. Then we will together meditate whichever form you choose: guided body scan, guided meditation to let go, mala bead meditation or chanting/mantra meditation. 


€ 22